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BTSP Seniors and Their Next Steps

Beat the Streets Philadelphia Seniors Beat the Streets Philadelphia (BTSP) takes great pride in the students that participate in our programs as a result of their successes on the mat, in classroom, and in life. Many of our participants are willing to put in extra time in all that they do so that they can […]


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Education by Kyla Arroyo

Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School, 8th Grader  What education means to me is how I learn things in school that would help me in the future. Education is one of the most important thing in life because I learn from education that the more you learn in school, the more you’ll accomplish in school, college, […]

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Edwin Morales- Strength

How do I use strength? I use strength in many different ways but mostly I use it towards my mindset for school, wrestling and my personal life. This is important to me because with strength I can apply it to anything in life to help me surpass things that give me trouble. Strength helps me […]


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