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Accountability by DeAndre Maxwell

Martin Luther King High School, 11th Grader Accountability is a word that describes and drives my life. I am accountable for many things such as, being a captain of the wrestling team, a leader in my school and an older brother. It’s my job to make sure everything is running smooth and correct within my household […]


BTS Philly: In Their Shoes, My Story

Education by Andres Vasquez

Education is what helps me accomplish my goals. I didn’t take education seriously in elementary school. When I transferred to Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School I joined their wrestling team and started to realize what’s really important. By working hard in wrestling it showed me how education and hard work will lead to success. This […]


Safee Muldrow: Articles, In Their Shoes, My Story

My story- Safee

My name is Safee and wrestling has helped me be successful in all areas of life. Wrestling has helped me become a harder worker. Before I used to act up in class and not do my work. Because of wrestling I work hard and I have become a role model by completing all of my […]


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