Student Athletes Share Their Point of View

In Their Shoes


Mike Willis: Articles, My Story

Foundation by Lucien Anderson

Foundation, the most important part of any sport. Before you can become great, or even good, you need a foundation. This is the biggest thing I’ve learned from the MLK youth program. The basics I learned made me the wrestler I am today. The wrestler who made varsity as a freshman at one of the […]


Mike Willis: Articles, In Their Shoes, My Story

Discovery: Finding Wrestling Dawud Farqui’s Story

Coming out of Child’s middle school, going to South Philly High, I was looking forward to the all new opportunities I would have. As a freshman I wanted to play a sport that all of my friends could do together. We all decided on wrestling. Preseason was a challenge for my friends. They all quit, […]


Mike Willis: Articles, In Their Shoes, My Story

Progression by Ousmane Diarra

Progression the fundamental need of all humans. Even from the beginning of time all we ever wanted to do was get better. From technological developments in our everyday lives to the creation of new vaccines, we s humans only want to improve. The desire for improvement also extends to the ameliorating personal skills. With the […]


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