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About Beat the Streets

BTSPhilly   |   Jan 20, 2016

Beat the Streets Philly is a good group of people because they help you raise your grades. For example, if you got a low grade they will help you bring it up. Good grades are important to me because it shows how much effort I put into my work. Also, Beat the Streets helps you get into a good school.  My friend Keith got into one of the best high schools in Philadelphia, Central Philadelphia High School with the help of Beat the Streets. One day I'm going to be in one of the best high schools in Philadelphia. The reason I got into wrestling is because my coach, Mr. McCabe told me to try out wrestling so I tried and I liked it. They pay for every thing like gear, shoes, and traveling. In my first year I was a good wrestler and the more I wrestled the better I got.  I made it to state tournament because my coaches helped me get there. And this year I am going to try to get there again. A goal I have is winning a state championship. To get there I need to work hard everyday. THANK YOU TO ALL MY COACHES AND TEACHERS LOVE, YASIRE BROOKS