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Positively Altering Life’s Trajectory

The Beat the Streets Wrestling Program of Philadelphia is committed to helping establish youth wrestling programs in the Philadelphia metropolitan region.  The organization will foster the holistic development of student-athletes by providing the resources to support wrestling and an academic tutoring programs throughout the greater Philadelphia region.

Beat the Streets Philadelphia was founded on the principle that all children have the potential to become productive citizens when provided the proper support.  This belief has endured since the establishment of our first program in 2009 located in the city of Camden, NJ.  To this day, the organization remains laser focused on running wrestling and mentoring based youth development programs for underprivileged student-athletes that alter the trajectory of their lives.

Understanding that resources are finite, the organization has strived to ensure that all decisions have our founding principle in mind.  Rather than concentrating on the sheer number of overall participants, which has increased each year, the organization has augmented the depth of the resources available to student-athletes.

This focus gives our Board of Directors, staff, coaches and mentors the best chance to place our student-athletes on a steeper developmental path in an efficient and effective manner.  The primary goal of Beat the Streets Philadelphia is to help positively alter the “life trajectory” of our student athletes

We hope you take pride in the fact that none of this would be possible without your support and we encourage you to contact at any point to learn more about our programs and the students we support.




Our primary goal for the upcoming academic year is to grow our mentoring program in an intelligent and efficient manner.

BTSP is targeting 150 student athletes to participate in our mentoring program this year. To manage the logistics of this program most effectively, our office is located close to the “Penn-Drexel” corridor. This allows us to create a centralized mentoring center and provides us with better access to college students who will serve as our “near peer” mentors.  Ben Reiter, our mentoring director, has recruited mentors from Penn, Drexel, Temple and various career fields that meet with students on a weekly basis to ensure they are making progress towards agreed upon goals.  It is in this setting that we can ensure our students are prepared for the next steps when they graduate from our programs.


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