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Accountability by DeAndre Maxwell

BTSPhilly   |   Jun 3, 2015

Martin Luther King High School, 11th Grader

Accountability is a word that describes and drives my life. I am accountable for many things such as, being a captain of the wrestling team, a leader in my school and an older brother. It’s my job to make sure everything is running smooth and correct within my household and my team. Example of this would be making sure my little brother is up and ready for school, food is prepared and the house is clean. Above all, it’s my job to make sure all of these things are completed correctly because my parents count on me everyday to do these things. My parents are not the only ones that count on me. My wrestling coaches rely on me to help them run the team. As a captain of an athletic team I need to make sure everyone is going to practice and working their hardest. Some people think being accountable for something is doing more work, but to me I see it differently. In fact, it’s an honor to me because it means my coaches and family trust me enough to rely on me to complete the task and do it well. It shows me that people are willing to trust me to do important things. From this, I believe I can always trust myself to do anything when I put my mind to it. Being an accountable person has helped my life out in many ways. If anyone asks me to do a task such as, baby sitting or being a captain on a team. I know I can do it because they believe in me. People should not think being accountable for something is more work but an honor that they trust you to do it.