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Angel Garcia-Wrestler of the Month

BTSPhilly   |   Feb 20, 2015

Name: Angel Garcia School: Marianna Bracetti Academy (MBA) Coaches: Ben Greer/Max Tannenbaum Age/Grade: 13/ 7th Grader Number of Years Wrestling: 1 ½ Why did you start wrestling?: I started wrestling because it looked fun and I was really drawn to the toughness of the sport. Why do you enjoy wrestling?: I enjoy wrestling because it has helped me meet new friends, it’s fun, and it gives me the tools to become something big in life. What impact has wrestling had on your life and academics?: Wrestling has made me a more respectful person and it has taught me the meaning of hard work. Since beginning wrestling I have also begun to speak more properly and become a better overall student. What do you want to do when you get older? I would really like to be a college wrestler or football player and study biology. After college, I really want to become a UFC fighter or professional football player. What is your favorite college/university? Cornell University Who is your favorite athlete? Anthony Robles