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Belmont Girls Program Highlighted by Fox 29

BTSPhilly   |   Mar 23, 2015

Each week, FOX 29 news covers a unique story throughout the Philadelphia area as part of their ‘#In-Focus’ segment and the girls of Belmont Charter school were the featured story. Highlighting some of the young female wrestlers who participate in the Belmont Charter wrestling program, the story illustrates how participation in the sport of wrestling has helped to mold these girls into better students. As coach Ed McCabe recalled, at the onset of the season 21 of 30 students were labeled as ‘failing;’ by seasons end the team proudly boasts that 0 students are failing and credits a great deal of that success to the model Beat the Streets has helped put into place. By continuing to surround these girls with a positive after-school atmosphere and teaching them a positive work ethic, these young women will be well equipped to succeed throughout their educational careers! To see the full video, please visit www.myfoxphilly.com/Clip/11114066/infocus-female-wrestling#.VNkL_oJiLDk.twitter