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BTS Philly Coaches Participate in Annual Training

BTSPhilly   |   Nov 25, 2014

At Beat the Streets Philadelphia, it is the goal of our organization to alter life’s trajectory for our student wrestlers.  One way that we do this is by preparing our coaches for a myriad of situations.  This month the coaches met (yet again) to work on honing not only their wrestling and coaching skills, but also to develop coaches social emotional strategies to ensure that coaches are not only impactful on the mat, but in the classroom and in our wrestlers lives as well. The training was broken in to two separate sessions.  One session dealt with coaching strategies, with a focus on high impact attributes of Sports Based Youth Development programs.  Up2Us, a national organization supporting Sports Based Youth Development non-profits, provided the training.  The content was based on evidence based approaches while incorporating specific coaching philosophies (to learn more about Up2Us click here).   Throughout the training the coaches and instructors discussed research proving that adult role models are the most influential factor in determining academic and social success for youth, especially those from under resourced communities.  Up2Us staff stressed the importance of informal time (i.e. travel to events, time before and after practices, etc.) as key to addressing important issues that have little to do with wrestling moves or strategy. The second session was focused on specific techniques and drills that will help our kids succeed on the mat.  Brian Dolph, head coach of the Pennsylvania Regional Training Center and former NCAA champ, developed the curriculum for our coaches and Chris Chambers (Mentoring Program Director), Chris Hanlon (Executive Director) and Brad Wukie (current Penn Wrestler) demonstrated the actual techniques that were shown.  Art McCall, former Upper Darby and Ursinus coach, also presented on specific areas that are necessary for wrestlers of all skill levels to understand.  All of the content focused on positioning and basic technique that is effective for wrestlers of all skill levels. At Beat the Streets Philadelphia we are fortunate to have a large consortium of coaches that are willing to devote personal time to not only help our wrestlers improve in the sport but to also make sure that they are able to meet the needs of our students both on and off the mat.  Stay tuned as the season gets under way to hear from many of these amazing coaches about the work that they are doing!