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BTSP Hosts Philadelphia Youth Wrestling Day

BTSPhilly   |   Mar 4, 2016

Beat the Streets Philadelphia recently hosted our 4th Annual Philadelphia Youth Wrestling Day at South Philadelphia HS. This event includes wrestlers from all of our youth programs and involved a record number of participants. There were over 400 total participants from 13 programs that competed in a novice, advanced or girls division. The event is structured to both highlight the effort of our participants and to challenge more experienced wrestlers as they become more involved with our programs. The competition has improved each year as more participants gain experience and the advanced division features many wrestlers that have been with our programs for up to 6 years. For our novice competitors the event provides a way to be exposed to competition without feeling overwhelmed and in a manner that each participant is recognized for their performance with a medal. Overall it provides a great opportunity for their families and the community to witness their improvement and skill. The Girls Division, in it’s second year, featured girls from all of our programs and specifically from 4 sites that feature girls only training opportunities. This year the event and training throughout the year focused on Freestyle, the Olympic Style of completion and the format that girls currently use while competing in college. This change is focused in creating an environment where girls gain the skills and confidence that will make consideration of participation on the collegiate level possible. The event was a huge success again this year and although it marks the end of the wrestling season for some of our participants, many will continue to wrestle through our off-season training locations. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at South Philadelphia High School for being a tremendous host and for the competitors that showed both skill and sportsmanship throughout the day.