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BTSP Statement

BTSPhilly   |   Jun 2, 2020

The entire Beat the Streets Philadelphia community is struggling with the very real pain and heartache caused by the death of George Floyd and the subsequent civil unrest. We recognize that we live in an uncertain time where answers to difficult questions aren't always immediately available. We stand by our youth as we all wrestle with difficult emotions and question what the future may hold. While we will not profess to have definitive answers, we recognize that passively accepting the status quo is not a viable pathway. We admire the courageous actions of peaceful protesters advocating for constructive and necessary change.

Organizationally, BTSP remains resolute in our commitment to supporting our youth's holistic development. We are determined to live out our core values of Grit, Compassion, Service, and Team. Embodied in those core values is an active pathway towards the positive change that we all aspire to achieve.  As communities navigate this pain-filled period, we will continue to use our programming to prepare and empower our student-athletes to serve as ambassadors of the positive change that we wish to see in the world.