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Derek Morton – Strength

BTSPhilly   |   Apr 20, 2015

Wrestling has taught me many skills, but the strength I developed through the sport is something I will use the rest of my life. By staying mentally strong, I feel that I can bounce back from anything. Over the course of my career I have battled a hand surgery, multiple MCL pulls, knee injuries, and a skin infection that ended my senior season; but I haven’t given up. Every day that I have worked to get better through these tough injuries would not have been possible without the strength that this sport has taught me. In addition to helping me in fighting injuries and setbacks, wrestling has enhanced my view on life. In 9th grade I played around and didn’t care about school, but if I didn’t get good grades I wouldn’t be allowed to wrestle. With that in mind I was able to take my 1.9 GPA and bring it up to a 3.8 by my senior year of high school. Inner-strength was what kept me motivated and what made me succeed. Thanks to wrestling I have the skills to be successful in life and the tools to get it done.