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Education by Kyla Arroyo

BTSPhilly   |   Jun 18, 2015

Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School, 8th Grader 

What education means to me is how I learn things in school that would help me in the future. Education is one of the most important thing in life because I learn from education that the more you learn in school, the more you’ll accomplish in school, college, or even jobs. Education can help you succeed in anything. Like me, I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up and to do that, I need education to do it. Education teaches me to become smarter in all of my subjects, like Math, English, Science, and World Geography. Education changes everything. It makes me, even you a better person. Education can help you solve any solution from school to college or even jobs. I believe education can help me in any ways. Education help me improve my grades from being B’s and C’s to A’s and B’s. How I did this is I study on any work that I don’t understand in my subjects and review it over and over again.

Education is very helpful for anyone, including me because every day, I always learn something new from my school, from wrestling, or anywhere else. Education is everywhere. You are learning something new every day. Education teaches you different things. From English to Math to Science to World Geography. I believe education can also improve anyone’s GPA. In 6th and 7th grade, my GPA was a 2.9 and since I started working hard and studying more, my GPA is a 3.8 in 8th grade. Also now for 9th grade, I have honors classes because I worked really hard and I got 4 honor rolls in 8th grade. Also, I realize that education is really important if you want to accomplish anything. I am now ready for honor classes because of my education. Hard work pays off and it really did because of my education.