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Edwin Morales- Strength

BTSPhilly   |   Apr 29, 2015

How do I use strength? I use strength in many different ways but mostly I use it towards my mindset for school, wrestling and my personal life. This is important to me because with strength I can apply it to anything in life to help me surpass things that give me trouble. Strength helps me when I open my eyes on a school day and I feel like I can’t go to school because I am too tired to get up. This is when I apply Strength to my mindset of school and by adding strength I will be able to wake up and forget that I am tired so I can get an education for myself. I also use strength when it comes to wrestling. When I am losing a match I can apply strength to my mental toughness to fight through to make a big comeback and finish strong. This is very helpful in wresting because I can just forget about how tired I am and achieve my goal in winning the match. Strength can also help in your personal life. I use strength in my personal life as well when it comes to personal problems at school or outside of school. When I use to hear other students or people in the streets say inappropriate things. I can go and stoop to their level or I can use strength to help me ignore those comments and be a bigger person. I use strength to build and have a bigger and better mindset then those people. Strength also helps you stay away from trouble. If you use strength a certain way it will make you think bigger and more positive than that person or situation. This is why strength is important to me.