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Foundation by Lucien Anderson

BTSPhilly   |   Aug 18, 2016

Foundation, the most important part of any sport. Before you can become great, or even good, you need a foundation. This is the biggest thing I've learned from the MLK youth program. The basics I learned made me the wrestler I am today. The wrestler who made varsity as a freshman at one of the best wrestling high schools in Philadelphia. The wrestler who will only get better because of his foundation. I remember my first day at King, being told to get in referee's position and being completely confused. At this point I knew nothing about wrestling. But after that day I had a stance, a beginners shot, and even a pinning move. Even know I still had so much to learn, I walked out of that practice feeling like I could have walked into a match. That feeling was only build on the things I had learned that day, my foundations.