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Joe Moglia speaks about wrestling

BTSPhilly   |   Sep 25, 2015

I have been surrounded by the sport of wrestling for my entire life.  Competing from elementary school through 5 years of college clearly played a big part in developing me into the person I am today.  However, now over 15yrs has passed since my last official match and I arguably find myself more absorbed into the sport than ever.  I am on the board of BTSP,  the board of my hometown (Chatham, NJ)  wrestling club and President of the University of Pennsylvania’s Grapplers Club.   As a result I feel as though I am constantly advocating all aspects of the sport of wrestling.  Whether it be discipline, mental toughness, team building, self confidence or just simply highlighting the fact that wrestling is a foundational sport overall I am constantly reminded of all the sport has to offer.    With that understood,  it simply brought a smile to my face to watch this video and hear a tremendously successful man like Joe Moglia offer his opinion on the topic.   It is WELL worth 3 minutes of your time. You can watch the video of Joe speaking on the right hand side of this page. Brett Matter Beat the Streets Philadelphia Board Member