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Miles Lee- Wrestler of the Month

BTSPhilly   |   Sep 1, 2015

Name: Miles Lee School: Palumbo/Mastery Coach: Coach Keitt Age/Grade: 17/11th Grade Number of Years Wrestling: 1 Why Did You Start Wrestling? Wrestling always interested me because as a kid I used to watch WWE, but my school never had a team.  Instead of wrestling I started to train MMA in my free time.  I learned about Beat the Streets offseason clubs while looking for a place to work out on the internet. Why do you enjoy wrestling? I enjoy wrestling because it is very fun.  I'm honestly not so great at other sports, but wrestling comes naturally.  I like to challenge and compete with the best.  Wrestling is hard work, but it pays off and that's why I like it so much. What impact has wrestling had on your life and academics? Wrestling has caused me to focus a lot more on my education especially because my special needs school doesn't have wrestling.  I'm trying to gain admission to a public school to compete and to have a better chance for college. What do you want to do when you get older? Professional MMA Fighter What is your favorite college/university? Kutztown University Who is your favorite athlete? Jon Jones