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My story- Safee

BTSPhilly   |   Feb 12, 2016

My name is Safee and wrestling has helped me be successful in all areas of life. Wrestling has helped me become a harder worker. Before I used to act up in class and not do my work. Because of wrestling I work hard and I have become a role model by completing all of my work. I started to pick up my grades and improve my behavior because I knew it was necessary for me to wrestle. For example, if I had a D or below then I am not allowed to wrestle. Wrestling has shown me the benefits of good grades because when you apply for high school they will look for students with good grades. Beat The Streets Philadelphia helps my school, Belmont Charter School, by giving us wrestling gear. I like wrestling because it can take me far in life and can helps me gain a lot of friends. During the wrestling meets I like to see other people wrestle. Wrestling was not really my favorite sport until I tried harder in my training and in my matches, but then I started to love it. I am going to keep wrestling until I have to retire. Thank you Beat The Streets Coaches and Teachers!