Success Story

Jon Guevera

Jon Guevara perfectly exemplifies the characteristics our coaches and staff attempt to foster in our student-athletes. Through hard work, determination, and sheer grit, he has forever altered his life trajectory. Jon attended Central High School, one of the most academically rigorous high schools in Philadelphia. Having no familiarity with the sport of wrestling but seeking a new challenge, he joined the team at Central as a freshman and developed an impressive level of commitment. Through our mentoring program Jon was able to utilize the mentality he developed as a wrestler to raise his standardized test scores and was able to achieve his goal of attending the University of Pennsylvania, where he will soon earn a degree. And Jon is already looking forward to the opportunity to give back to his community. He says, “Beat the Streets played a huge role in helping me develop the right mentality, and I hope I can pass that message on to others for years to come.” He asserts that Beat the Streets Philadelphia played an enormous role in developing his overall approach to life and overall mentality, and that the mentality his wrestling coaches instilled was crucial to his academic success. And there is no doubt he will carry that message on to countless individuals to help inspire similar stories for younger generations to come.

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