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Pennsylvania State Championship Results 2015

BTSPhilly   |   May 26, 2015

Congratulations to all place winners at the Pennsylvania Freestyle and Greco-Roman Pennsylvania State Championships. Beat the Streets Philadelphia (BTS Philly) is very pleased with the outcome of the tournament. This was the toughest freestyle tournament yet that BTS Philly attended. Since Freestyle and Greco-roman is becoming more popular every year, competition is becoming tougher too. BTS Philly is proud to say we had eleven total place winners this weekend. Out of those eleven, nine of them are from the men’s division and two of them are from the women’s division. BTS Philly had one State champion and her name is Kyla Arroyo. BTS Philly is happy to have six runner-ups, four 3rd place finishers and one 4th place finisher this weekend. Every year BTS Philly is continuing to grow and improve, not only in the wrestling room but also in the mentoring program as well. BTS Philly is excited to help these kids learn and reach their full potential. Stay tuned with our updates to follow our program and kids to see what’s new.