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Perseverance-Ron Palmer

BTSPhilly   |   Mar 18, 2015

A time where I had to persevere was when I lost the PIAA District 12 finals in 2014 to Andrew McClaren of LaSalle College High School. Even though Andrew was a defending champion, it was still a hard loss to take. Almost every weekend that offseason, I thought about that loss and it frustrated me that I would have to wait a year to get my redemption. I told myself that next year, no matter what, I would earn my district title. I eventually learned to use that loss as motivation to get better for next season and it really helped me to improve as a wrestler throughout my summer training. This past season my hard work paid off and I eventually got my opportunity to face McClaren again, except this time it was in the semifinal match. All my hard work since last season finally paid off for me and I won the match by a 9-7 decision. Not only did I earn my redemption, but I was able to beat another defending champion in the finals match which earned me ‘Outstanding Wrestler’ of the tournament. I was determined to take first that day and it was my ability to persevere through a tough loss that made all the difference. Ron Palmer Mariana Bracetti Academy 16'