Helpful Information About Your Child’s Future

High School Application Process:

Under the best of conditions, applying to high school in Philadelphia can be a trying exercise. Students in Philadelphia have more than 80 public high school options, District and charter, not to mention the growing number of cyber schools. Beat the Streets Philadelphia is dedicated to helping you prepare your child for the process by providing you with the proper up-to-date forms, one-on-one counseling sessions and guidance throughout the application process.

  • All 8th graders must fill out a high school application, even if they plan to attend their local neighborhood school.
  • In many District schools, 8th graders will be applying to high schools without the help of full-time school counselors, who usually lead the process.
  •  For the first time in recent memory, the District will not print a high school directory; it will be available only online.
  • The District is not holding its annual High School Expo. However, there will be one on Nov. 16 at Drexel University, underwritten largely by the Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP).
  • The District is encouraging each high school to conduct an open house during which prospective students and parents can visit.
  • The city’s Great Schools Compact is promoting a common deadline – Dec. 6 – for District and charter school applications, as well as a common application form for admission to charters. However, it is unclear how many charter schools will participate.