Why Wrestling?

Wrestling is a sport that is as modern in its rewards as it is timeless in its traditions; it instills young grapplers with values and tools that prove essential to succeeding both on and off the mat.  The discipline, focus, self-esteem, hard work, and respect that each student-athlete develops on the mat will prove vital in overcoming the challenges they encounter off-the mat. These core values are crucial to their success in the classroom, their future career and in their family and personal relationships.

Equal Opportunity: Every child can wrestle. Competitors are paired by approximate size, weight, and age.

Physical Fitness:  Wrestling is a great conditioner with each athlete is in constant motion. It improves their stamina, strength, agility, explosiveness, and power.

Responsibility:  Wrestling promotes self-awareness and responsibility through one–on-one matches.

Hard Work:  The sport of wrestling teaches athletes that hard work, practice and dedication reduces mistakes and increases success- a lesson that is critical to academics and everyday life.

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