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Altering Life’s Trajectory

BTSPhilly   |   Dec 10, 2013

Last winter, I went to Philadelphia for a dual meet at the University of Pennsylvania and was fortunate to meet one of our BTSP student athletes after the match was over.  The young man was a junior in high school at the time.  Like many of the kids in the program, he had his share of challenges growing up in a tough neighbourhood amidst some difficult circumstances.  Regardless of those challenges, he was determined to bettering his own life while trying to find a pathway to a college education. By all accounts, he was fully committed to the BTSP program.  When talking about wrestling and being a member of the BTSP program, his face truly lit up with enthusiasm.  He loved being part of BTSP.  He loved the sport of wrestling.  You could see the passion in his eyes and hear it in his voice. We spoke for a while and I asked him a pretty simple question, “What else should we be doing to help to you?”  His answer was disarming.  He responded without hesitation but instead with full conviction and sincerity, “I will do whatever you tell me to do.” When you take a moment to think about that response, it was a simple yet remarkable answer.  Here is a young man who had just met me and was willing to listen to my advice and instruction unconditionally.  In my mind, that degree of trust, commitment and hope underscores the tremendous responsibility that BTSP undertakes when welcoming a student-athlete into our program.  Even more importantly, it highlights the tremendous opportunity that BTSP has created.  Trust, commitment and hope are precious and invaluable.  When combined with passion and a well devised plan of action, they are the lifeblood of accomplishments great and small and the fuel that propels progress across all types of activities. That is exactly the opportunity that BTSP aims to create.  In merging that passion, trust, commitment and hope with a constructive and positive means to channel that energy, we believe that we can help our student-athletes reach their full potential and ultimately “Alter their Life’s Trajectory”.  And that is a goal truly worthy of pursuit. Organizationally, we have a good process in place and are committed to constantly improving our approach.  We are optimistic about the future of the organization and even more optimistic about the future of our student athletes. Speaking on behalf of the entire Board of Directors of BTSP, that is why we believe in BTSP and will remain enthusiastic and steadfast in that belief. Clinton Matter Chairman of Beat the Streets Philadelphia