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Yasire Brooks – Wrestler of the Month

BTSPhilly   |   Dec 10, 2013

Name: Yasire Brooks School: Belmont Charter School Coach: Coach McCabe, Coach Nick, Coach Stickney, Coach Carden Age/Grade: 9 years old, 4th grade Number of Years Wrestling:  2 Why did you start wrestling?  I started wrestling because my brother told me to. Also, it looked fun to me. Why do you enjoy wrestling?  I enjoy it because I get to travel to other places and meet different people. Also, I get to show off my skills. I get to compete against people that are bigger than me and still win.  I also enjoy wrestling because it helps me get out my frustrations with a healthy activity. What impact has wrestling had on your life and academics? I pray before all my matches that I do not get hurt because I know that would hurt my mom. Sometimes when I see people on the street, I give them money and I say to myself that I am not going to be like that. It makes me work harder in school so that one day I can give my mom everything.  I plan to make good choices with my life so that I can have a good life. What do you want to be when you get older? I I want to be a wrestler and if that does not work out I want to be a football player. (Don’t let my size fool you!) What is your favorite college/university? University of Pennsylvania Who is your favorite athlete? LeSean McCoy, Adriane Peterson