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Success Story- Davon Clark

BTSPhilly   |   Feb 23, 2015

Davon Clark was a student at Northeast High School that regularly participated in offseason training opportunities sponsored by BTS Philly.  There was rarely an event or practice that he missed and he was willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals on the mat.  Our staff became very familiar with his goals both on the mat and in the classroom and it was evident that Davon was a bright individual that had a bright future ahead of him. Davon had his sights set on attending a number of highly regarded universities in hopes of obtaining a degree in Education so that he would have the chance to give back to the community where he lived.  He was a perfect candidate for our mentoring program and we successfully connected him with someone that was capable of assisting with preparations for his SAT's.  Davon would regularly meet with his mentor multiple times per week to work on applications, prepare for tests and generally discuss his overall plans.  After a significant number of hours in these sessions, Davon boosted his scores by over 200 points and put himself in a position to be offered a number of scholarships to make his dreams possible.  Ultimately he chose to attend Penn State University- State College on a full academic scholarship. Davon also excelled on the mat where he qualified for the regional championships and led his team to the Section championship as the captain.  Despite getting a relatively late start in the sport, he used his exceptional work ethic to put himself in a position to achieve his goals on the mat.  He is currently competing at the club level at Penn State and believes that wrestling provides the structure to be successful in the classroom.  Davon will be successful and we believe our support provided tools so that allowed him to leverage his work ethic into achievement of his goals.