BTSP Podcast Episode 1: Edwin Morales, “Beat the Streets is like a safe haven.”

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Edwin’s Story

In this episode of the podcast, Beat the Streets alumnus Edwin Morales shares his passion for wrestling, community, and hard work. Edwin is so full of enthusiasm that he uplifts those around him and inspires them to become better people.

Edwin currently wrestles at Bridgewater State University and is studying Criminal Justice. He is a captain on the team and was named a Division III All-American this year. He never stops to rest and he continues to work towards his goal of becoming a national champion.

Edwin discovered wrestling through his brother in 9th grade and his life was never the same. “My grades weren’t that good,” he says. “But then I got involved with Beat the Streets and I fell in love with wrestling. And if I wanted to keep wrestling, I had to keep good grades.” Beat the Streets provided Edwin with a strong community and mentors who supported his continued growth.

He was always at the Beat the Streets mentoring center, even after a long day of school and practice, because the community was so important to him. “It was a second home,” Edwin explains, “a second family that I was able to create with Beat the Streets.” Edwin explains that even after everyone finished their schoolwork, they would stick around to play games with each other. “Beat the Streets is like a safe haven.”

Edwin credits wrestling with keeping him motivated when he had hard times. “Wrestling is like life: there are some points in life where you’re going to feel low, but then there are going to be points when you’re going to feel great. There’s times when I felt unstoppable, but got beat up a little bit. But then I kept going. I kept pushing. And then I am where I am today.”

He believes so strongly in the mission, that he dedicates much of his time to mentoring younger student athletes. “It’s so much joy seeing these kids the first day they come in and then seeing them the last day, when they’re going to college and they’re going to start life. And they’re full young adults ready to tackle anything that’s given to them because they put in the work and they want to change.”

We know that he will continue to accomplish great things both on and off the mat while inspiring those around him.

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