Trenton Youth Wrestling Fund

TrentonImageBeat the streets Philadelphia has partnered with WIBN-Princeton, the Bethea Family and The Trenton Board of Education to introduce wrestling and mentoring to youth within Trenton.  The Trenton Youth Wrestling Fund has been established with the support of WIBN-Princeton to provide an opportunity for individuals that have a specific interest in supporting the Trenton Community to get involved with this important effort.  in our first year of operations in Trenton we have been able to engage close to 70 youth and many of these youth continued beyond the wrestling season to engage in additional academic enrichment.  The Trenton Youth Wrestling Fund will ensure that remains possible for years to come.

To make your annual campaign gift to Trenton Youth Wrestling Microfund, click here or call 215-454-2255 or mail your payment to:

Attention: James Mangan
Beat the Streets Philadelphia
3700 Market Street – Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19104